Barre TriBeCa Fitness

Reform Club Movement Studio

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Weighted Barre 
Lisa Stefanelli & Jacquie Smith

Traditional barre moves with heavier weights.

Experience traditional barre movements while integrating weights, occasional TRX, kettle bells and BarreAssassinator bungees.  


This special class is limited to 7 participants.  Challenge yourself at the barre while loving life, music and movement....and please wear trainers and weight gloves. 

Classic Barre
Annette O'Neill   
Keri Miller 
Jacquie Smith 

The barre workout at BarreTriBeCa is a super variety of isometrics, interval training, free weights, and your own body weight.  Translation: Flat stomach, tight tush, and toned limbs.  The small classes guarantee a great deal of individual attention from highly experienced instructors.  This challenging, total body, killer workout will work your muscles to shaking fatigue.  


The workout is done to stimulating music, and the challenging moves incorporate core strengthening and body shaping, while focusing on flexibility with highly effective results for sports conditioning, injury prevention, balance, coordination, and muscle and bone strengthening.  The blend of exercise disciplines are proven to produce a perfectly toned  body and offer an ongoing challenge that continues to produce results. 


As a participant in a BarreTriBeCa barre class you direct your focus inward using your own body weight for resistance, with a concentration on posture, alignment, and core strengthening.  Some hand-held weights and other props are used along with a wall-mounted bar for balancing and stretching.  The hour of intense focus and expended energy is culminated with a final relaxation segment. 

Yoga Sculpt with Weight
Caroline O'Conner 


A complete, total body workout. This 50 minute class will tone, sculpt and lengthen every major muscle group in your body. This intense, but easy to follow class will push your flexibility and strength to the next level using your mind, and body and stamina.