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 We are mothers, artists

and committed professionals.

Lisa Stefanelli 

Founder, mother, artist and fitness professional. 



I came to fitness soon after my children were born. My children were growing simultaneously bigger by the hour, and I found a physical challange that was beyond anything I had ever encountered. 


I began working with weights, and my physical abilities, my mental clarity and energy levels increased, making me more capable in my new role as mother of triplets.  I also discovered that a dedicated fitness practice enhanced my work in the studio as a painter as well as increasing the clarity of my yoga practice.  


Regarding physical practices, my tendency has always been to gravitate toward the yoga center rather than the gym, and perhaps this is obvious to those who practice barre at Barre TriBeCa. We have mirrors, but we discourage the use of them for self examination and more for alignment. You are encouraged to focus on inner strength, understanding that true wellness begins

on the know you're beautiful, you don't need to look in the mirror while you're working out to see that. At Barre TribeCa, we know how strong and amazing you are, and how strong and amazing you can be.   


-See you at The Studio 

Annette O'Neill

Registered Dietitian Integrative and Functional Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition degree from New York University  


Annette O'Neill, RDN, is a Registered Dietitian Integrative and Functional Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition degree from New York University and completed her dietetic internship at NYU Langone Medical Center.  Annette's private one-on-one nutrition practice takes an integrative and personalized approach to nutrition, health, and healing.  In addition to nutrition, Annette is a Registered Yoga Teacher -200 hours through Exhale in NYC under Nixa DeBellis, Stefanie Eris, David Magone and Isaac Pena, Yin and Restorative Yoga certified through Pure Yoga, NYC under Kate Kuss, Reiki Practioner under Pamela Miles, NYC, and meditation trainings include The Power of Awareness Mindfulness (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield).  Annette is a Certified Personal Trainer, Barre Teacher Certified with Exhale, NYC, Certified Pilates Mat instructor with The Kane School of Core Integration, and was the founder of Vitality Fitness, LLC, Ridgewood, NJ, (2002-2017), and is the founder of Annette O'Neill Wellness, PLLC in NY.  In addition to nutrition counseling and speaking, you can find her teaching barre and yoga classes in NYC at Exhale and Barre Tribeca

Visit her at

Keri Miller

Full-time Exec, Certified Pilates Mat,

Barre Conditioning,

and TriBeCa Resident



Keri is a resident of TriBeCa and holds a full time position as an HR exec. 

She loves being able to share her passion and knowledge of barre with her

community and then running off to take care of business during business hours. 


Jacquie Smith

Founder/Owner of Little Adapts By Jax +The Sweat Vow, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

and Certified Barre 

Jacquie received her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2015.  In 2016, Little Adapts By Jax ( was born to help professionals who live busy lifestyles and want to incorporate healthy “little adapts” in their lives to lead a more healthier and happier life. She received her barre certification from Exhale in the Fall of 2017 as she loved the way barre transformed her body and increased her strength.  As a recent bride, she developed “The Sweat Vow” to help new brides implement health and fitness plans to reach their goals for the big day while reducing their overall stress.


Jacquie’s class will be challenging but fun as she brings her upbeat music and enthusiasm to the class!


Julie Schnurr

Certified barre instructor,

and a healthcare professional.

Juie is a health care provider and barre aficionado. She was introduced to barre in January 2016 and quickly fell in love with the practice, and became a certified barre instructor in 2017. She prefers classic barre classes and weight-centered barre fusion classes. She has completed several Whole20 sessions and plans to lead a Whole30 group at the studio frequently. 

Erin Gammill

Manager and person who keeps us moving forward


Erin keeps Barre TriBeCa on track. If you come into the studioand ask the instructor or person behind the desk a specific question, you  may hear the response, "Let me ask Erin, and we will figure it out." 


.....and we do figure it out, because she does.


Rosanna Baiata Lake

Rosanna Baiata Lake has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2013 and received her Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2015 . After participating in the NYC Marathon, Brooklyn Half Marathon, and various obstacle course races, she decided that functional fitness and building muscle was the best way to “grow old gracefully”. Rosanna believes that lifting weights and drinking a lot of water is the youth serum we are all longing for. She has two children who share her love for fitness. 

Caroline Rouine

Certified Yoga Instructor, 

Mother and Fitness Lover


Originally from the west coast of Ireland, Caroline discovered yoga when she moved to New York. An avid exerciser, she loved running, boxing and cycling as tools to help quiet, soothe and slow down, but it was yoga that gave her exactly what she needed. While pregnant with her first child, when she couldn’t do her full physical routine as before, a friend suggested yoga. She hasn’t looked back since. Caroline completed her 200 hour training with YogaWorks and continued with their 300 hour professional program under the guidance of her beloved teachers Jodie Rufty and Jenny Aurthur. 

Caroline is a mother of two and loves teaching adults and children alike